Re: FileChooserDialog problems

On Jul 6, 2004, at 9:22 AM, Cornel Ghiban wrote:

I recently thought about changing FileSelection widget with the new FileChooserDialog. But when trying to make the update, I found that several 'responsed' do not work as expected. For example this FileChooserDialog has 4 buttons, but only the first 2 (the one with the 'cancel' and 'close') are behaving corectly.

what do you mean by "behaving correctly"? if i click ok or yes without a file selected, it does nothing, because i have selected nothing; if i select a file and then click ok or yes, the dialog goes away. the filechooser does some special handling to response codes, iirc.

by the way, why not use stock buttons? they're much easier for the user, as they add mnemonics and ui consistency.

                my $fc = Gtk2::FileChooserDialog->new('Editeaza contract',   
                                Cancel  => 'cancel', # ok/accept not working?!
                                'gtk-cancel' => 'cancel',
                                Select  => 'close',
                                'gtk-open' => 'accept',
                                OK      => 'ok',
                                'gtk-ok' => 'ok',
                                Yes     => 'yes');
                                'gtk-yes' => 'yes');

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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