FileChooserDialog problems

I recently thought about changing FileSelection widget with the new
FileChooserDialog. But when trying to make the update, I found that
several 'responsed' do not work as expected. For example this
FileChooserDialog has 4 buttons, but only the first 2 (the one
with the 'cancel' and 'close') are behaving corectly.

Am I missing something or it's a bug?

                my $fc = Gtk2::FileChooserDialog->new('Editeaza contract',      
                                Cancel  => 'cancel', # ok/accept not working?!
                                Select  => 'close',
                                OK      => 'ok', 
                                Yes     => 'yes');

                $fc->signal_connect (response => sub { 
                        my ($fc, $resp) = @_;
                        #print STDERR $resp, $/
                        if ('close' eq $resp) {
                                unless ($self->select_form($fc)) {



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