Re: Maybe Off-Topic: remote Perl Gtk2 via ssh

I'm trying to use ssh's 'forward X11' feature to run a Perl Gtk2 app on
the server at work and display it here at home.
I can run a number of apps this way, such as xclock and galctool ( which
is a gtk2 app ).
However I can't run any Perl Gtk2 apps this way. I get:

The program '' received an X Window System error.

While I have not received this specific error, I have had problems running
some Gtk2 apps over the net.  It is necessary to ensure that your local X
server is properly configured, especially that the color depth is
reasonable.  I know X is supposed to handle this, but I have seen some
problems with Gtk2 apps and have not had a chance to debug it.  If you are
using Linux, it *should* be alright, but check the params to the server. 
What OS (and server) are you using at home?

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