Re: Is "The Official GNOME 2 Developer's Guide" from No Starch Press good for gnome-perl?

On Tue, 2004-06-29 at 04:44 -0400, Brian McGonigle wrote:
Hi All,

I'm new to this list and would like to use the GNOME API in perl. I've 
read about 2/3 of Practical C Programming from O'Reilly a little over 2 
years ago and that's about the extent of my experience with C. I never 
finished the book because I picked up Learning Perl at that time and 
never looked back. I was wondering if "The Official GNOME 2 Developer's 
Guide" would be any good for someone with no experience in C trying to 
learn gnome-perl. Any recommendations?

I've been writing a basic tutorial for developing with Gnome that
provides examples in Perl (as well as C and C++ and Python).  It may be
useful to you.  Of course, I'm just a newbie myself (a.k.a. the blind
leading the blind...) and I haven't been able to get any experts to
review my guide very thoroughly, but I believe it should still be
useful, even if it's still somewhat short at this stage.

Others have noted that the perl API closely follows the C API and thus
the C docs can be helpful.  I also found that to be true, though I
noticed that the C++ (gtkmm) syntax was a little closer to that used by
Perl.  Since the docs for gtkmm ( are very good, you may
also want to look there if you can't find any perl documentation on what
you need.

(Also, let me just note that if there are any Gtk2-Perl experts that
would like to look over the examples in my tutorial and provide any
pointers on improving them, I'd be grateful.)


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