Max size for columns of a treeview

Hi everybody.

I have some data(text) I have to display into a TreeView.
When data is loaded it get the window to be widened too much. Some
columns are pretty wide. Is there a way to limit this behaviour? Lets
say a column can have maximum x pixels. 
I know that limitting the number of chars into a cell can be a solution
but it's not that good.

This is how data is added to the treeview:

        sub _add {
                my ($self, $treeview) = @_;

                my $renderer;
                my $idx = 0;

                foreach (@columns) {
                        $renderer = Gtk2::CellRendererText->new;

                        $treeview->insert_column_with_data_func (-1, $_,

                #set the columns resizable
                for $idx (1 .. $#columns) {
                        my $column = $treeview->get_column($idx);
                        $column->set_resizable(TRUE) if $column;

Cornel Ghiban

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