Debian unstable needed? Re: new Debian packages of Gtk2 and friends

James Curbo schrieb:
Hi everyone, I've recently found time to update my Debian packages. (and
add a few new ones)

Much thanks for doing this packages. They were my "first touch" with gtk-perl. And that's why I am writing here. IMHO we should make it as much easy and as little frightening as possible for new people to get familiar with gtk-perl. This is the best way to spread the word.

For me as an debian "sarge" user, "much easy and little frightening" is installing a dpkg. Thanks for doing this! But why are your packages "unstable" packages? It is not frightening to insert a new line in my sources.list, but... it will only work, if I also insert a line for debian unstable and install a lot of debian unstable packages. For my good old "sarge" system, this _is_ a bit frightening. Later I installed perl-gtk from CVS on a pure sarge system. It does work! So why have there to be dependancies to debian unstable?


Thomas Bayen

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