Re: Debian unstable needed? Re: new Debian packages of Gtk2 and friends

Thomas Bayen <tbayen bayen de> writes:
[Debian packages of gtk-perl]
For me as an debian "sarge" user, "much easy and little frightening" is
installing a dpkg. Thanks for doing this! But why are your packages
"unstable" packages? It is not frightening to insert a new line in my
sources.list, but... it will only work, if I also insert a line for
debian unstable and install a lot of debian unstable packages. For my
good old "sarge" system, this _is_ a bit frightening. Later I installed
perl-gtk from CVS on a pure sarge system. It does work! So why have
there to be dependancies to debian unstable?

'cause the packages are linked against the version of the gtk2 (and ...)
libs in unstable. It's no problem building this packages on a sarge
system, but the binary packages built on debian unstable won't work on a
sarge system. If i have the time, i will rebuild my official Debian
packages in a sarge chroot and announce them here.

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