Re: GUI interfaces

* Andrew Pimlott <gtk-perl-list andrew pimlott net> [2004-02-20 07:44]:
I'm really surprised at this opinion.  I think Tcl is a perfect
botch, but Tk is beautiful, at least for relatively simple
interfaces.  This elegance carries over well to Perl/Tk, even
if it is not quite as seamless as in Tcl.  What don't you like
about it?

Stuff like instatiating a button by calling a factory method on
its container, instead of calling the button classes constructuor
and packing it. Passing labels by reference and changing them by
changing the referee. More stuff like this I can't remember off
hand, which effectively all makes it really hard to refactor bits
for generality as you go.

Given a lot of discipline and temporary variables you could make
it workable I guess, but the source wouldn't be particularly
beautiful in any case.

Yep, Tcl is a botch -- that's why Tk works ok with it. ;-) I find
Tk's botched in a way that makes Tcl's botchiness easier to bear.
It's balast when you have a decent language to work with in the
first place, though.

"If you can't laugh at yourself, you don't take life seriously enough."

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