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* alas widomaker com <alas widomaker com> [2004-02-19 21:56]:
That leaves three toolkits:


Now, this is the Gtk-Perl list so I am going to say you should
use Gtk2/Gnome2 (and in particular you should use the
Gtk2::GladeXML module), but Tk and Wx both have one feature the
Gtk2/Gnome2 is weak in: protability.  Tk is the most portable
GUI module with Wx close behind.  I have heard of people
getting Gtk2 up and running on MS Windows, but i don't know
much about it.  In my opinion using glade-2 and the
Gtk2::GladeXML module is the easiest way to get a GUI up and
running in Perl, C, C++, C#, or any other language with

Further points: Tk really only works in conjunction with Tcl, and
even then I don't particularly like it. The API is an atrocious
abomination. Programs written for it tend to be hideously messy.

Wx isn't bad per se, but alas, the Gtk2 support of wxGTK is
horribly borked. So you have to compile against Gtk1.2 or use

At least Gtk2 works well on Windows, once you have it going. And
by the time Wx compiles cleanly against Gtk2, Gtk2/Win32 may well
have caught up enough for me not to care anymore. Otherwise, Wx
might be a contender.

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