Re: GUI interfaces

There is lots os libraries (Gtk, Gtk+, Tk)...
Which one is the best (and the most common) ??

Gtk and Gtk+ are the asme thing (Gtk and Gtk2 are not).  As far as I know there
are six toolkits you can use:


Gtk/Gnome is obsolete.  You should on use it if you are using a linux
distribution that is more than a year or two old.  My understanding is that the
QT/KDE module is not actively being developed, so you probably shouldn't use
it.    The Win32 module (I don't recall it's name) only works on MS Windows So
I would never recomend it.  That leaves three toolkits:


Now, this is the Gtk-Perl list so I am going to say you should use Gtk2/Gnome2
(and in particular you should use the Gtk2::GladeXML module), but Tk and Wx
both have one feature the Gtk2/Gnome2 is weak in: protability.  Tk is the most
portable GUI module with Wx close behind.  I have heard of people getting Gtk2
up and running on MS Windows, but i don't know much about it.  In my opinion
using glade-2 and the Gtk2::GladeXML module is the easiest way to get a GUI up
and running in Perl, C, C++, C#, or any other language with bindings.

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