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how big is the fade image? it is actually 400x300? if you're using an offset of 50x100 to put it in a different place, then i wager it's smaller than 400x300, and you're getting garbage rendered into the remainder. this would be the source of the "rendering bugs" -- from the screenshot it looks like they are actually extrapolations of the edge pixels, to fill in missing pixel values since you asked it to draw pixels that don't exist.

i think what you actually want is to render only the bit that you need:

   # calculate the upper left corner such that the small image
   # is centered in the large one
   my ($x, $y) = (
       ($splash_frame->get_width - $fade_image->get_width) / 2,
       ($splash_frame->get_height - $fade_image->get_height) / 2,
       $x, $y,  # dest x/y
       # render entire *source* image's area
       $fade_image->get_width, $fade_image->get_height,
       $x, $y,  # offset x/y (see below)
       1, 1, # no scaling
       $splash_counter * 2

Right. So I need to have both the images the same size, is that right? When I dropped your code in, the background image ( which is 400x300 ) got clipped to the same size as the $fade_image. That's fine. I'm just mucking around with stray images at the moment. I can create 2 images of the same size.


Problem 1:
The first one is probably just my lack of understanding. What I *want* is to have the background image remain 'static' in the background, ie always completely visible. Then I want the $fade_image to fade in.

did you set the transparency color correctly in the fade image? (e.g., when you were saving from the gimp or whatever.)

Um ... no O:-)
I'll make another image...

I seem to have it figured out enough to continue from here.
Thanks for your help, muppet :)

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