Re: How to change colors fro button and increase font size for button text

* Chas Owens <alas widomaker com>:

and it worked.  You can create the label first and add it latter like this:

$label = Gtk2::Label->new;
$label->set_markup("This is <span size='xx-large'>xx-large</span>");
$button = Gtk2::Button->new;

Since TIMTOWTDI also in GTK, you could use PangoFontDescription on the
Gtk2::Label, like this:

        my $fd = Gtk2::Pango::FontDescription->new;
        # set bold face, 14pt size.
        $fd->set_size(14 * Gtk2::Pango->scale);

        my $label = Gtk2::Label->new('Some Text in Bold');

Your considerations about changing colors still apply: that is a theme
issue, and the programmer should not tamper with it.


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