Gtk2-Perl API documentation project

lots and lots of people want it and nobody really thinks it's a bad
idea, it's just a lot of work, and somewhat of a duplication of effort.
well the best solution i've come up with is a group effort (that means
anyone and everyone) there's a page up on the site (that currently isn't
linked to from the main page)
take a look at it. there's an example of how to do this for
Gtk2::Button. already up there. 

first i'd like comments on the idea as a whole and on the format/content
of the Gtk2::Button documentation up there. after that we'll go live and
everyone can start helping out. we'll link in the from the documentation
page and probably put up a news item about it. 

if a bunch of people would each pick a few widgets to document then it
would quickly get done. there are some obvious issues of consistency
with this and that's why having a good example and pretty strictly
adhering to it is important. 

if there's enough interest then this will happen if not then oh well,
i'm fine with using the C api doc as i always have. i really think this
is a good idea and would prove endlessly useful especially to people who
are new to Gtk2 and/or perl. so give back, we're not asking that much,
just a few minutes of your time. it's the gift that will keep on giving.
pretty please, ... 

enough of that.


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