Re: Gnome2::HRef question.

that is good. But it's set only the URL and don't change the href label!
when i want to use set_label or set_text then it doesn't good because these
functions are deprecated.

So any idea for this ?

Best Regards:


hm. So some bugs in glade2 or gladexml gtk2-perl-xs module. 

When i created a href in glade2 and put into somewhere. Then i can't do on 
this glade2 created href the set_text("xy"); When i create a frame in glade 
and then from the perl script create a href "manually" and ->add() to frame 
then i can make set_text on the manually created href. Hm. afterall this is 

Anyone to view this thing with glade2 ? is this a bug ? and where is this a 
bug ? in gtk2-perl-xs gnome2 modul ? or gladexml modul ? or in the glade2 ?

don't know.

many thx for all.

Best regards: Chritian Hamar alias kRiX

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