Re: Some questions about glade1 and glade2 (and gtk2-perl :) )

On Fri, 2003-06-27 at 05:16, René Seindal wrote:
On Fri, Jun 27, 2003 at 11:00:52AM +0200, Christian Hamar wrote:
Hi there. 

So now actually the GladeXML 'modul' in gtk2-perl-xs is working good. I tested 
it with one of my application. It working perfectly. It's ready to release. 

My question is:

Are there any "convert" scripts or some way to convert a glade1 xml file to a 
glade2 xml file format ? That will be usefull in porting glade1 / gtk-perl 
application to glade2 / gtk2-perl application.

Any way to do this automatically ? (not manually :) )

You want libglade-convert that comes with libglade.

i used libglade-convert when i was working on some of the GladeXML
bindings. it does work, but not ideally. especially if you have any
lists or trees in your code as they have completely changed between gtk
1 and 2 (as you of course know) but if nothing else it does seem to
provide you with a good start.

Second question. Anyone has got some examples or some experinece for 
GnomePrint2 using ? (in gtk2-perl-xs) 

GnomePrint2, like GladeXML, is pretty alpha. (as he said previously)
muppet did the bindings quickly and really never used them afterwards.
sorry that doesn't really answer your question. if nothing else i would
try to find something (in C) that has the GnomePrint2 as a dependancy
and look at how it goes about using it. things should translate between
and perl pretty well.


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