Re: Gtk2::ItemFactory, pt 2

Gtk2::ItemFactory's callback code has been redone and now should behave
much more close to what would be expected. (maybe, that's for you all to

there were some issues with the example code attached to the original
message. if you look at Gtk2/examples/ you see what
i changed. ItemFactory now works for that test and for the item factory
portion of gtk-demo. i do suspect a few problems still exist in the code
so testing would be appreciated. 

as for why the secondary menus items aren't working in your example i
haven't a clue. it doesn't seem to be Gtk2-perl-xs b/c the callbacks are
never making it out of the c stuff. the secondary menu in the example
code works fine.

testing appreciated. at some point in the near future i'll try to code
up a test for the t directory of it since it's got as much custom code
in the wrapper as anything.


On Sun, 2003-06-22 at 19:42, Gavin Brown wrote:
Hi Scott, I installed 0.24 this evening and all the errors I got with
the item factory menus were resolved. Excellent!

Here's another one :-)

The attached script is almost identical to the original script I sent to
the list before, except that it now has a submenu. What happens for me,
is that while the top-level items work fine, the callback for items in
the submenu doesn't get called. Perl doesn't spit out any error
messages, and nothing crashes, it just doesn't run the callback.



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