Re: NA Glib-0.24 i686-linux 2.4.18-14

Ken Williams said:

On Tuesday, June 24, 2003, at 03:34  AM, slaven rezic de wrote:

This distribution has been tested as part of the cpan-testers
effort to test as many new uploads to CPAN as possible.  See

Please cc any replies to to keep other
test volunteers informed and to prevent any duplicate effort.

Can't build Glib:

$ make
/usr/local/bin/perl /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.0/ExtUtils/xsubpp   -typemap
cal/lib/perl5/5.8.0/ExtUtils/typemap -typemap
24/typemap -typemap typemap  GValue.xs > GValue.xsc && mv GValue.xsc
Didn't find a 'MODULE ... PACKAGE ... PREFIX' line
make: *** [GValue.c] Error 25

This is probably due to the installed ExtUtils::ParseXS, which installs
the standard ExtUtils/xsubpp.

we've been developing Glib/Gtk2 against stock perl 5.8.0.  this has nothing to
do with the xsubpp patch i posted, which changes the error report format and
keeps the directory path on the filename for correct #line directive output.

Thanks for the report.  It looks like GValue.xs just doesn't have a  'MODULE
... PACKAGE ... PREFIX' line - I believe that's required under  the stock
xsubpp that ships with 5.8.0 also.

this is the first time i've ever heard about GValue.xs not compiling, and that
file has had maybe one or two changes since early april, so either xsubpp
doesn't require it or is very lax about it.  i'm rather suprised, actually.

GValue.xs has no MODULE line because there are no functions in it that need to
be accessed from perl.  it's an XS file because originally i thought there
might need to be perl-visible functions, and someday there might... but until
then i wanted to leave out the unused BOOT section.

so, ah, yeah, it ought to compile if you just add a bogus MODULE line.  that
module doesn't get booted anyway so it shouldn't break anything.

i'll fix that in CVS, but we're about a week and a half from the next actual

I don't have the prereq libs for Glib, so I can't test this very well
myself, unfortunately.


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