Re: Does Gtk2::XML exist?

i would be surprised it if works; the last mention i see on that page is of
gtk2-perl 0.01 even before its release in november of last year.  we've gone
through a complete rewrite since then.
Makes sense, thanks for the update.
Ross said:
i think what you're looking for is GladeXML. if you check out gtk2-perl-xs
with cvs from sourceforge you'll get what i've done on it thus far.

note that GladeXML didn't make it into today's release because it's not ready
for release yet; we need people who know what's up with glade to test and
possibly finish things.  please contact me or ross if you are the one for the
job and we'll help you out.

I'm interested, have related abilities, and could offer some time to this. 

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