Does Gtk2::XML exist?

From a quick search on the list, I've read that Gtk2::XML hasn't yet been started ... is this still correct? I ask, in case my Googling skills are lacking. I've used Gtk::XML in the past, and found libglade bindings for Python, but I'd prefer perl and Gtk2. I'm not actually sure that I would use Gtk2::XML, but I ask as someone at the Advocato strongly recommended that I use it (libglade) rather than any language bindings directly. I had mentioned that I was considering either writing a script to convert the output of glade to perl code, or to use the resulting C-code directly. I thought that I would at least try it. Note: I did check out Glade-two-perl-2 (, but it seemed to bork on anything non-trivial.

The GTK2 perl bindings look really quite good btw, I've been able to prototype several things with very little effort. The only place that causes trouble are those areas where my Gtk(2) knowledge is lacking ;-)


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