gtk2-perl-xs 0.24 released on sourceforge

new release of gtk2-perl-xs -- grab it and growl.

 sourceforge filename          version     cvs tag
 ExtUtils-Depends-0.1.tar.gz     0.1       rel-0-1
 Glib-Perl-0.24.tar.gz           0.24      rel-0-24
 Gtk2-Perl-0.24.tar.gz           0.24      rel-0-24
 Gnome2-Canvas-0.24.tar.gz       0.24      rel-0-24
 Gnome2-Perl-0.24.tar.gz         0.24      rel-0-24

noteworthy things:

- work is underway to get this stuff onto CPAN soon.
- ExtUtils::Depends is now a separate module, all the others require it.
- Glib has had a few binary incompatible changes; you need to upgrade
  everything if you upgrade anything.
- you really should *want* to upgrade, as there have been a lot of bugs
  squashed in the last two weeks.
- There is now a Glib::Object->new, which you can use to instantiate
  objects generically.
- this is the first release of the new GnomeCanvas bindings.  please
  test them out, and let me know what's broken!
- Gnome2 hasn't really changed much, but if you want to use Gnome2::Canvas
  and Gnome2 in the same program, you'll need to upgrade Gnome2-Perl to
  get rid of some redefined symbols.

Although i will take pains to ensure that it's not broken, I cannot devote
development time to Gnome2-Perl.  Unless someone claims the maintainership of
the Gnome2-Perl package, it will stagnate.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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