Re: corrupt gtk2-perl-xs 0.22 packages on sourceforge?

2003. június 12. 15.37 dátummal muppet ezt írta:
Christian Hamar said:
2003. junius 11. 16.22 datummal Kevin Moore ezt irta:
the error "gunzip: Gtk2-Perl-0.22.tar.gz: invalid compressed
data--format violated" (for both).  I get no such problem with
Gtk2-Perl-0.20.tar.gz from sourceforge.  Is anybody else experiencing

Hi. Yes. I probed all mirrors but Glib-Perl 0.22 and Gtk2-Perl 0.22
corrupt too. With this data--format violated. The cvs is good :)

Any idea for this ?

no idea what happened or how it happened, but i just rebuilt the packages
and rereleased them (in exactly the same manner as before, make dist,
rename, upload, release).  the new ones worked for me, let me know if they

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