Re: corrupt gtk2-perl-xs 0.22 packages on sourceforge?

Christian Hamar said:
2003. junius 11. 16.22 datummal Kevin Moore ezt irta:

the error "gunzip: Gtk2-Perl-0.22.tar.gz: invalid compressed
data--format violated" (for both).  I get no such problem with
Gtk2-Perl-0.20.tar.gz from sourceforge.  Is anybody else experiencing
Hi. Yes. I probed all mirrors but Glib-Perl 0.22 and Gtk2-Perl 0.22 corrupt
too. With this data--format violated. The cvs is good :)

Any idea for this ?

no idea what happened or how it happened, but i just rebuilt the packages and
rereleased them (in exactly the same manner as before, make dist, rename,
upload, release).  the new ones worked for me, let me know if they break.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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