Re: [gkt2-perl-xs] gtkhtml2

"Ross McFarland" wrote:

i looked at it with the intention of starting work on them, but could find
almost no information on gtkhtml2. it took quite a bit of looking to find a
webpage about it, one that i wasn't even sure was the official one. i've never
used it before and there seems to be no documentation on it. when i saw this i
dropped the idea of working on bindings for it. if i'm missing something let
me now. for starters where's the official website, all i can find is a
distribution point (off of freshmeat) and point me at some tutorials and or
documentation on it as there seems to be nothing included.

Hmm, Ok - I understand you ;) I also just tried to find some useful 
information, but failed, too.

I think I can use Pango for the stuff I did with Gtk::HTML, seems to be
the cleaner solution anyway ;)



Think, before you code.

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