Re: [gkt2-perl-xs] gtkhtml2

i looked at it with the intention of starting work on them, but could find
almost no information on gtkhtml2. it took quite a bit of looking to find a
webpage about it, one that i wasn't even sure was the official one. i've never
used it before and there seems to be no documentation on it. when i saw this i
dropped the idea of working on bindings for it. if i'm missing something let
me now. for starters where's the official website, all i can find is a
distribution point (off of freshmeat) and point me at some tutorials and or
documentation on it as there seems to be nothing included.



is anyone working on gtkhtml2 bindings? I'd appreciate that very much ;) And
of course, I would liek to test it, because I would start to port a bigger
Gtk1 app, which uses Gtk::HTML for some portions, as soon it is  available.



Joern Reder

rwmcfa1 neces com
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