Re: Size of GtkImage?

Am 24.07.2003 um 08:38, schrieb muppet:
( GLib-CRITICAL **: file gutf8.c: line 1536
(g_utf8_validate): assertion `str != NULL' failed
Segmentation fault

aha!  the loop in get_selections was implemented incorrectly, basically 
updating the current item pointer at the wrong stage of the loop, and 
allowing NULL to get through.  simplified the loop and everything's 
fine.  also made it call newSVGChar instead of newSVpv, so it should 
handle utf8 filenames correctly as well, but i can't test that myself.

cvsweb's still a little behind, so here's a patch:

Index: GtkFileSelection.xs

Yeah! I think, that's the way how it should work, thanks!



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