Re: Size of GtkImage?

Am 23.07.2003 um 09:53, schrieb muppet:

On Wednesday, July 23, 2003, at 07:54  PM, Matthias Bläsing wrote:

when I tried this to retrieve the Pixbuffer, I got:
Can't locate object method "get_pixbuf" via package "Gtk2::Image" at
./ line 70.

d'oh!  fixed in cvs.  ;-)

incidentally, the pixbuf is also available as an object property, so 
you should be able to

  $pixbuf = $gtkimage->get ('pixbuf');

Worked, thanks ....

I think I crashed into another bug in the GtkFileselection Code. First I
construct a Fileselection Dialog an the sub shown below is called by the
response-signal. So when this snippet is called, the programm crashes with
a segmentation fault.

sub grafik_add_response {
        my $fileselection = shift;
                my $response = shift;
                        if ( $response == -5) {
                                        my @filenames = $fileselection->get_selections;
                                        # Stuff that handles the files

( GLib-CRITICAL **: file gutf8.c: line 1536
(g_utf8_validate): assertion `str != NULL' failed 
Segmentation fault



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