Re: Size of GtkImage?

Am 23.07.2003 um 03:32, schrieb muppet:

On Wednesday, July 23, 2003, at 11:29  AM, Matthias Bläsing wrote:
Is there a way to retrieve the size of the GtkImage?

you could use the widget's allocation ---    
$gtkimage->allocation->width and $gtkimage->allocation->height .

This worked great for me, but...

or fetch the GtkImage's GdkPixbuf and ask its size.  this only works  
for certain settings on the GtkImage...  see 

when I tried this to retrieve the Pixbuffer, I got:
Can't locate object method "get_pixbuf" via package "Gtk2::Image" at
./ line 70.

The Code in this sektion looks like this:
my $image = $xml->get_widget('vorschau');
my $pixbuf = $image->get_pixbuf;

According to the API-Reference this should work, but ....



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