[Gtk2-Perl] Gtk2::TreeModel->get

i just commited an enhancement to Gtk2::TreeModel->get that when passed
no column id's it will return an array of all of the columns in the row.
for example:

@arry = $treemodel->get($iter, 1,3,4)
@arry = $treemodel->get($iter, 3)

will behave as they always have.

@arry = $treemodel->get($iter)

will now return an array that is every column in the row indicated by
iter. before it would have returned nothing. 

this shouldn't affect anything about the documented behavior of the
function and should provide a useful mechanism for retrieving an entire
row, which i've wanted to do in the past. it's not practical to do this
for c programs, for obvious reasons, but it's trivial to do in the perl
bindings and is pretty convenient.

does anyone foresee any problems or issues with this behavior. it is
documented in api.pod as of right now.


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