Re: [PATCH] [REGRESSION] Gtk2::Notebook->append_page forbid undef labels

muppet said:

i posted a message a week or so ago asking for comments on changes to
the API of these functions, specifically on difficulties in validation
created by allowing various values for the label parameters, but have
gotten no replies, so i have done nothing.

now that you mention it i remember that message, but i didn't before i
commited the changes a min ago. what just went is the gospel according to the
api documentation and a little bit of looking at the gtk2 src code. of course
that doesn't mean it's right. if anyone has pretty stressful GtkNotebootk code
running it against cvs HEAD would be good. i'll write a thorough notebook test
the next thing i do and try out all of the combinations.

on a related note, in a case or two the api doc even mentions what the
behavior is for NULL's, the label will be 'Page N' and such things.


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