manipulating the labels of a notebook-tab?


  i am trying to colorize the labels of a notebook widget as soon as new
  data arrives for a given page, but have some trouble with that...

  the perl gtk tutorial doesn't seem  to speak about colorizing labels,
  and the functions given from the gtk interface don't seem to work?

  there i found a method gtk_label_set_attributes that i transformed
  into $label->set_attributes that is reported as unknown...
  (get_attributes doesn't work either)

  further the attributes are also unknown from me, there's in the gtk
  docu: PangoAttrList *attrs i was planning to use "color" => "red" instead,
  but i haven't a specially good feeling about that ...

  so if someone could point me out to the correct docu, or has some
  sample code achieving that...

ciao bboett
bboett adlp org

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