Re: GtkSpell problems

please remove gtk-perl-list from the to/cc on these messages as they do
not at all apply to gtk2-perl. this discussion (and possible suggested
changes as a result of it) would be entierly in the domain of GtkSpell,
the c library or even the backends, aspell/pspell/etc.

i probably should of run a spell check on this message. (now you know
why i implemented the bindings for it in the first place)


On Mon, 2003-07-07 at 12:44, Thierry Vignaud wrote:
René Seindal <rene seindal dk> writes:

1) Don't check words starting with digits.  Pango might think
they are words, but I know they aren't :-)

what about mispelled words that begin with digits ?

eg 1etter for letter, ...

I hadn't thought about that.  I think it is very unlikely, though.

it often happens when you use ocr for example ... :-(

I guess the real problem is in the back-end (aspell in my case)
which apparently marks text like 3rd, 1970s as misspelled.  If you
have a lot of that in a text you have red lines all over.

humm. the ideal fix would be to allow \d+(rd|s|...)$ in aspell but
that may not be so easy (when you consider the lack of ispell addon
for building word list from automatic rules, affix, suffixes and

maybe adding a configuration value for this somewhere (gtkspell? perl

i do not know what's the way to go ...

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