Gnome::Canvas remarks

I recently played with the new Gnome::Canvas module.

(1) Looking at canvas_demo, the "Rich Text" example didn't work as
    expected, the text in the green rectangle showed only garbage,
    not the mostly arabic text. I had to add

        use utf8;

    to the top of I'm running Debian unstable
    where Perl is  v5.8.0.

(2) explicitly creates horizontal and vertical
    scrollbars, then layouts them and the canvas with the help
    of a 2x2 Gtk2::Table. Wouldn't it be easier to put the canvas
    into a Gtk2::ScrolledWindow? It even has the advantage to manage
    "on-demand" scrollbars. I know that this was ported from an example
    in the Gnome canvas C sources, but people (including me :) will
    probably cut'n'paste from examples code "that works" - even if 
    there are better solutions. 
(3) Creating a new canvas item of type Foo (attached to canvas 
    group $group) is done by
        $item = Gnome2::Canvas::Item->new($group, "Gnome2::Canvas::Foo", ...);

    That's the same way gtk-perl did this. But wouldn't 
        $item = Gnome2::Canvas::Foo->new($group, ...);

    be more natural?

Cheers, Roderich 

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