Re: Gnome::Canvas remarks

Roderich Schupp said:
(2) explicitly creates horizontal and vertical
    scrollbars, then layouts them and the canvas with the help
    of a 2x2 Gtk2::Table. Wouldn't it be easier to put the canvas
    into a Gtk2::ScrolledWindow? It even has the advantage to manage
"on-demand" scrollbars. I know that this was ported from an example in
the Gnome canvas C sources, but people (including me :) will probably
cut'n'paste from examples code "that works" - even if  there are better

i'll leave the other two points for muppet to answer.

to be quite honest there's been little or no time put into developing
examples. for the most part they've just been ways of testing the bindings
we've been implementing as we implement them. no real thought has been put
into what they're doing and for that reason using them for example code for an
app, as stated, isn't ideal.

that being said i, and i assume no one else, would have any problems with
improving upon those examples so have at it: fix them, add to them, create
whole new ones, whatever you like. post them, or diff's, to the list (or send
them to muppet and myself,) provided that they seem useful and reasonably well
done chances are they'll be included. most of the currently active developers
do well to work on the bindings as much as they'd like. anyone interested in
helping out is more than welcome, if you don't know or don't want to do
binding stuff there's plenty of doc, examples, tests, perl helpers that could
use some time and effort.


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