Glib/Gtk2-0.24 & Solaris problem

I have Glib2/Gtk2-0.24 installed on my RedHat 9 workstation and I'm
trying to get it working on my SPARC Solaris 8 server.  I installed
Gtk2,Glib2 and all the dependancies without any problems on the solaris
box.  Then I compiled/installed the Perl-Glib2 & Perl-Gtk2 modules
without any problems. 

However, when I try to run a rather simple perl-Gtk2 script, it errors
out on the Solaris box but NOT my RedHat 9 workstation.


#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use Gtk2;


my $window = Gtk2::FileSelection->new("Please Select a file");

On the Solaris machine this errors out with:
Please Select a file is not registered with gperl as an object type at line 8.

If I take out the "Please Select a file", it comes up with this error:
Usage: Glib::Object::new(class, object_class, ...) at
line 8.

Both/either work just fine on RH9.

Any ideas?


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