Re: Help me in Gtk2-perl-0.06

On Wed, 2003-01-22 at 00:24, parakala suma wrote:

I am trying to attach in one window various widgets.  For instance
label,text,combo box.list in one screen. with default size everything
is ok .I mean Entire screen is being displayed in one corner.My
problem is I want the screen in full monitor size. For this if i press
maximizebutton on the window there are gaps between the widgets.kindly
help me in packing widgets full screen(monitor size).
I am trying this in Gtk2-Perl-0.06.

to request the toplevel window to be full-screen size,

        $window->set_size_request ( Gtk::Gdk::screen_width (),
                                    Gtk::Gdk::screen_height () );

be careful also to specify $window->set_resizable ( 1 ) or the user will
be stuck with a non-shinkable full-screen window.

you need to specify the expand and/or fill properties for the various
widgets to get them to take up the desired space on the screen when the
window resizes.

have a look at the theory of packing widgets:

this tutorial is for the C libraries, but the concepts and method names
map directly to the perl modules.  this should help you figure out
what's going on.

How can i attach image files(pif) to text widget,label widgets in

i haven't tried this sort of thing yet, but i imagine you should pack a
GtkImage next to your GtkLabel and GtkEntry widgets --- this is how
you'd do that in Gtk+-1.x.

muppet <scott asofyet org>

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