Re: installing gtk-perl, make problems

  Someone wrote me back and mentioned that there was a known compiling
error with the tarbar. I got around this using the package system.  I run
debian so i did  an apt-get install libgtk-perl, and i know there are rpms
out there.  If  none of these options work, you might try using alien to
convert one of these packages to what you need.

Andrew Ryan

On Sat, 11 Jan 2003, Gerry Kirk wrote:

Andrew Ryan wrote:
  Im a rookie here, and im having a bunch of problems getitng gtk-pelr
installed.  Im running debian woody, and perl 5.6.1.  I installed (I
beleive) all the relevant libraries for gtk and gtk2.

I got gtk2-perl installed, but for the life of me cant get gtk-perl
(.7008) to finish making.  It errors out in the Mkbootstrap for Gtk, I
attached the perl Makefile.PL out out and the portion of the make that
errors out, it seems to go fine up till that point.

thank you very much, and sorry for a question like this.

I'm having the exact same problem, same output as listed in his post.
- Gerry Kirk

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