New Gnome2 perl 0.03 release


I anounce the availablity of Gnome2-0.03. This release is much more
complete. Most needed libgnome2, libgnomeui2, libgnomecanvas2,
libgnomeprintui2 functions are available. libgnomeprint2 has only some
basic functions availables.

I think that this release is complete enough to start using it.

The main missing things are:
- only few functions have been really tested (so bug report are
- no documentation is available (only some badly done examples).
Better/More examples and documentations are wellcome too.

You can download it on sourceforge:

Source available here (contains examples):

RPM for RedHat 8.0 here (no examples):

Source RPM available:

This release has been tested with gtk2-perl 0.04.


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