Re: Gtk2: defaults for widget constructors

"John McDermott" wrote:

First, anything to make porting gtk apps to gtk2 easier would be a big help.

My opinion ;)

One way to implement the "old" defaults might be to allow the user to 
call a method or set a flag of some sort to enable the old defaults.  Of 
course, if everyone wants the old defaults then this is not necessary.

After looking at the code, I don't think that such a compatability flag
is really necessary. Only a few widgets are affected: (extracted from 
the Perl/Gtk1 sources)

  * GtkArrow.xs:new(Class, arrow_type=GTK_ARROW_RIGHT, shadow_type=GTK_SHADOW_OUT)
  * GtkAspectFrame.xs:new(Class, label, xalign=0.5, yalign=0.5, ratio=1.0, obey_child=TRUE)
  * GtkAlignment.xs:new(Class, xalign=0.5, yalign=0.5, xscale=1.0, yscale=1.0)
  * GtkHBox.xs:new(Class, homogeneous=FALSE, spacing=5)
  * GtkToolbar.xs:new(Class, orientation=GTK_ORIENTATION_HORIZONTAL, style=GTK_TOOLBAR_BOTH)
  * GtkVBox.xs:new(Class, homogeneous=FALSE, spacing=5)
  * GtkTable.xs:new(Class, rows, cols, homogeneous=FALSE)

and the defaults are reasonably. So I just added them and commited it to
CVS. If we decide, a compatability flag or something like that should 
activate them, this can still be added to the code.

(and I really like it to write just Gtk2::VBox->new ;)



Joern Reder
Development Head ZYN! Coding Division -

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