Re: Gtk2: defaults for widget constructors

Joren wrote
Daniel Lacroix wrote:
If you have default value to set. The easiest way to do it is to rename
*new function into *_new and write a wrapper in perl (Gtk2::VBox::new)
which set the default value and call Gtk2::VBox::_new.
Of course this will work. I would vote for having old Gtk defaults also in Gtk2 and would add the corresponding changes. Because this is a more or less basic design issue, I want to ask here, if that's Ok before starting to work on it.

First, anything to make porting gtk apps to gtk2 easier would be a big help.

One way to implement the "old" defaults might be to allow the user to call a method or set a flag of some sort to enable the old defaults. Of course, if everyone wants the old defaults then this is not necessary.


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