Gtk2: defaults for widget constructors


I'm fairly new to Gtk2 developing. Goran set me on the developer list 
some time ago, but I wasn't active since that time. That hopefully 
changes now ;)

I just began porting a very small app to see, how Gtk2 feels. I quickly
stumble over missing defaults for Gtk::VBox->new(), which was

 Gtk::VBox->new (FALSE, 10)

in the good old Perl Gtk module.

Perl Gtk simply defines these defaults in the corresponding .xs file. 
Since the .xs files of Perl Gtk2 are auto-generated through Inline's 
AUTOWRAP function, this isn't possible anymore (correct me if I'm 

Now two questions: is it intended, that these defaults are missing in 
Gtk2 (probably to be closer to the C original - but porting existing Gtk
App's would be much easier, if we can have them). If not: I'm not yet 
familar with all details of Perl Gtk2's source structure and build 
process: what would be the easiest way to achieve that?



P.S.: just committed a small change to Gtk2/ catch execption
from AUTOLOADER method call and croak it again. Otherwise wrong caller 
information is printed in the error message.

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