Re: [Fwd: Bug#185337 acknowledged by developer (Bug#221583: fixed in libgtk2-perl 1.011-1)]

On Monday, December 29, 2003, at 04:15 AM, Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt wrote:

James Curbo <james teyandei net> writes:

Just a note, I received this today, so it seems Gtk2 is in Debian
officially now, albeit an older version (see mail).

Oh, it was new when i uploaded it ... I'll upload 1.021 today.

oy, thanks for that... almost had a heart attack when i saw that the version going into the distro was a version with the unbounded stack leak.

just a heads up for all readers --- no one anywhere should be using Glib < 1.02 for any reason.

"it's hard to be eventful when you have this much style."
   - me, rationalizing yet another night of sitting at home.

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