Re: [Fwd: Bug#185337 acknowledged by developer (Bug#221583: fixed in libgtk2-perl 1.011-1)]

James Curbo <james teyandei net> writes:
Out of curiosity, what other packages from gtk2-perl have you uploaded?
I would love to see everything I packaged myself get into Debian

ATM it's only libglib-perl, libgnome2-perl, libgtk2-perl and the
libextutils-* stuff. As i'm still a NM, i need a sponsor for every
upload, so i'm trying only the important packages. I'm waiting for
the DAM to create my account, after that i'll upload all parts of

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s/\n//g;s/bus/\nbus/g;eval scalar reverse   # <mailto:marc marcbrockschmidt de>

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