Re: libglade

libxml2 already has Perl bindings on CPAN, see XML::LibXML.

are we going to need to work with people/projects like XML::LibXML for
the gnome language bindings stuff? if so then i guess we need to get on
that. perhaps someone needs to be appointed as the coordinator of all of
this, preferably someone not interested/involved with coding so that
there's nothing fighting for time and attention.

I already sent a mail to the maintainers of XML::LibXML and XML::LibXSLT
asking if they're willing to stick to the rules and get on the release
set.  I'll let the list know what their answer is.

Just an initial heads up, my understanding is that development on these
libraries is very slow right now, as the lead developer currently has only
intermittent 'net access, and no broadband, AFAIR.  In fact, my
understanding is that he doesn't expect to really get the bindings
completely up to snuff until late *2004*.  So, I wouldn't expect them to
change much between now and the 2.6 release.


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