Re: [RFC] Glib::filename_(to|from)_unicode => Glib->filename_(to|from)_unicode?

A. Pagaltzis said:
FWIW, I really hate the latter syntax used in cases where the
former would do.  At the same time, that syntax forces Perl to do
more work to find the function to call and pass the class name to
the function.  The only benefit of the arrow syntax is being able
to use inheritance, but is that really a concern here?  I'd make
a case for all static "class methods" to be called with a package
qualifier rather than as class methods.

this is mainly a question of uniformity of api and if is it alright to break
something that's been put out there in a stable release. there are many cases
where inheritance would/could be necessary and if you're going to use the
arrow syntax there then it's best to do it everywhere. personally i would go
with fix it, but it sucks that it's going to (or at least could) break some
people. while we're at it we probably ought to take out the prototype keyword
unless its in there for a specific reason as we haven't used it anywhere else.
we could at least support both :: and -> from now on, and the only people
broken would be new scripts with old rel's. old scripts with new rel's would
be ok.


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