[RFC] Glib::filename_(to|from)_unicode => Glib->filename_(to|from)_unicode?

Two functions in Glib, added right before 1.020, do not follow the
calling conventions of just about every other function in Gtk2-Perl.

  string = Glib::filename_to_unicode string
  string = Glib::filename_from_unicode string

These require that you use a fully-qualified name for the functions,
rather than allowing class parameters (the arrow syntax).  These
*should* be callable as

  string = Glib->filename_to_unicode(string)
  string = Glib->filename_from_unicode(string)

I started to change the XS code to allow both calling conventions (and
thus fix the bug quietly), but ran into a snag -- there are PROTOTYPE
declarations on the xsubs.  Therefore, changing this will necessarily
break code using 1.02x.  The change would happen in the 1.03x series for
the 1.040 release (expected sometime in the next two months).

Please note that due to our participation in the Gnome Bindings Release
Set we have a hard API freeze coming in March; this cannot be changed

Comments, arguments, i need them all asap.

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