Re: [RFC] Glib::filename_(to|from)_unicode => Glib->filename_(to|from)_unicode?

* muppet <scott asofyet org> [2003-12-24 09:39]:
Two functions in Glib, added right before 1.020, do not follow
the calling conventions of just about every other function in

  string = Glib::filename_to_unicode string
  string = Glib::filename_from_unicode string

These require that you use a fully-qualified name for the
functions, rather than allowing class parameters (the arrow
syntax).  These *should* be callable as

  string = Glib->filename_to_unicode(string)
  string = Glib->filename_from_unicode(string)

FWIW, I really hate the latter syntax used in cases where the
former would do.  At the same time, that syntax forces Perl to do
more work to find the function to call and pass the class name to
the function.  The only benefit of the arrow syntax is being able
to use inheritance, but is that really a concern here?  I'd make
a case for all static "class methods" to be called with a package
qualifier rather than as class methods.

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