Re: build problems with latest cvs

On Mon, Dec 15, 2003 at 02:08:14PM -0500, Ross McFarland <rwmcfa1 neces com> wrote:
there may be no reason for it to, but that is the order of things enforced by
make maker.

*** Makefile
all :  pure_all manifypods

Take note that the above line doesn't enforce any order. It just says
that, to "make all", you need pure_all and manifypods. Nothing keeps any
make (or any human!) from doing them in any order or in parallel.

If manifypods depends on pure_all, there must be a dependency on it,
otherwise it doesn't work.

Another way to view this: if you invoke make with "make manifypods", you
wouldn't expect it to depend on "pure_all".

So if there is no dependency (explicit or not) from manifypods, and
something in manifypods needs a built module, the Makefile is broken.

even more, manifypods depends on pure_all as it's very first dep. which, no
matter what -j you give it cause manifying to wait for pure_all to complete
before doing the other pods and thus are done (pure_all
includes making blib/arch/auto/Gtk2/

First of all, are you sure you have no other installed anywhere?
I only found out about this because I didn't. Builds work perfect for me
as long as I have a installed

Diving into the Makefile, the only dependency I see is:

   build/stock_items.podi: tools/

And sure enough, running "make build/stock_items.podi" fails because is not available.

That _looks_ to me (not knowing much about the Gtk2 Makefile generation),
as if there needs to be a dependency on the linked module there or
somewhere else. At leats with my perl and my system, no other dependency
is generated.

if i make all. then delete blib/arch/auto/Gtk2/, then make again gets rebuilt before the podifystockitems/GenPod steps occur, even with
-j 4. it makes, then goes on to the

Then you had luck or a different Makefile, as nothing ensures that this
order is used (or you had an installed

so basically already depends on through manifypods
first dependancy being pure_all.

At leats in my Makefile, there is no such dependency. In fact,
the only depency I see is on build/stock_items.podi and points to
tools/ tools/ does not depend on
anything in my Makefile.

happen, but i can't see how it could of.

And I can't see where the dependency should come from. Looking at the
Makefile.PL, that part is clearly manually created, so I don't think
differences in ExtUtils::MakeMaker could account for this.

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