Re: build problems with latest cvs

On Mon, 2003-12-15 at 19:31, Marc Lehmann wrote:

If manifypods depends on pure_all, there must be a dependency on it,
otherwise it doesn't work.

Another way to view this: if you invoke make with "make manifypods", you
wouldn't expect it to depend on "pure_all".

it is the case, basically b/c the normal pod -> man process happens on
the pm/pod files as they reside in the blib tree.

So if there is no dependency (explicit or not) from manifypods, and
something in manifypods needs a built module, the Makefile is broken.

as would therefore be necessary, manifypods depends on pure_all. it's
ExtUtils::MakeMaker's doing, not mine. 

# line 840 from my Gtk2/Makefile:
manifypods : pure_all \
        ... rest of pod files ...

Diving into the Makefile, the only dependency I see is:

   build/stock_items.podi: tools/

And sure enough, running "make build/stock_items.podi" fails because is not available.

that is true, so if make tried to build/stock_items.podi in parallel
with the pure_all (both as dep's of manifypods) it could get to it
before existed. adding a pure_all dep on the above rule would
fix that, it will also need to be added to several other places.


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