Re: new stable releases: Glib and Gtk2 1.020

 --- muppet <scott asofyet org> wrote: > 
Say hooray for the second stable release of the Perl
bindings for Gtk2 
and Glib.

But...gtk2-perl-1.00-win32.patch is still needed.

Admitedly it would be better to fix the underlying
cause, the 2 symbols not being exported by the
precompiled GTK libs. maybe soon...

The 1.020 win32 binaries and instructions will appear
real soon...

All the best

The major focus of this release is documentation:
now we have full API 
reference documentation, generated automagically
from the source code.  
It also includes a fix for major memory leak, as
well as the ability to 
create your own CellRenderers in Perl, and fixes a
bunch of bugs.

We strongly recommend all users upgrade to this

RPMs for Red Hat 8.0, Red Hat 9, and Fedora Core 1
are available on our 
Sourceforge project page, and James will have Debian
packages ready 

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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