Gtk2::SimpleMenu proposal

got bored this morning and felt like writing some perl code for a change
of pace. so...

i'd appreciate people taking a look at the attached code and letting me
know what they think. in some respects it's just as complicated as using
the item factory itself, but it's major advantage is the hierarchy is
inherent rather than being encoded in the path's. this is just a rough
hour and a half hack if it's commited it will be cleaned up and made
more robust.

to try it out just put both the files in the same dir and run (with a working gtk2-perl-xs install of course.

the major question (gtk related) is does anyone have knowledge of the
<ImageItem> type. the c api docs say there is such a thing. the tutorial
doesn't even mention it's existence. and there's no examples of using it
through the gtk2.2 source. the api doc says something about 'pointer to
inlined pixbuf data' would go in extra_data???


Description: Text Data

Description: Text document

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